The Treasure of Bistritsa

“The Treasure of Bistritsa” /2014 – 2016/ is a project dedicated to the unique voices of the vocal formation “The Bistritsa Grannies” that are under protection by UNESCO as an intangible world cultural heritage. The start is the realization of a flash mob in front of the cathedral “St. Stephen” in Vienna. This is followed […]

Colors of the voice

Heros Vision was organizing a concert tour of the biggest Bulgarian jazz singer Yildiz Ibrahimova, known as the “Nightingale of the Balkans” and a series of shows, awarded with diferent prizes in Bulgaria and Turkey. This was followed by the shooting of the movie “Colors of the voice” – an international co-production of Bulgaria, Turkey […]

Three women at the foot of Vitosha

“Three women at the foot of Vitosha” /2014 – 2015/ is a documentary about three women, a Japanese /artist-designer /, a French /poet and photographer/ and an American /actress and singer/ that discovered and realized their ideas, acting as established artists in the cultural environment of Sofia – the city that provokes and load their […]

The Sofia orchestra

“The Sofia orchestra” is a legendary jazz-rock formation. Some of the musicians were killed in a plane crash. Later in 2013 it celebrated its 50th anniversary. On this occasion, “Heros Vision” Ltd made a reunion of the band, bringing together the rest of the members of the group, scattered around the world. In a special […]